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Open training Management for Expats now available (Paris)

A new 4-day Management Training for top managers in international positions will be organised in Brussels, Belgium starting on October 8th, Protected content .

Confronting positively, also this Krauthammer training will enable a participant to discover and understand the impact of their behaviour on their environment, their communications styles, attitudes, strengths and pitfalls. All with the aim of optimising relational competence.

Inspiring and Effective Management
example and impact

When does the shift from 'manager' to 'top manager' occur?
As the manager develops, his landscape expends into new and often unfamiliar dimensions.
Reporting levels, team size and maturity, project complexity and profile; all take the manager out of his comfort zone. Even the skills and attitudes which once provided the basis for the manager's performance can be undermined.

Benefits :

An enriched human management style
Creating the right environment for personal development
Adapting to the maturity of each individual
Advanced negotiation
Resolving difficult and conflictual situations
Commonsense consultative decision-making
Managing stress through enhanced self-awareness
Inspiring an audience

Audience :

Divisional heads or executive
Board members or reporting directly to the Board.
Directors of Governmental departments, subsidiaries, industrial sites and large units.
Those responsible for strategy setting, and the management of initiatives or changes which have corporate level impact.


Day 1: The keys to personal leadership
> The fundamentals of inter-personal communication
> Change: making your own transitions a success and helping colleagues to succeed in theirs
- Change and transition: emotional reactions to unsettling processes
- The 'stages of discovery': from naïve enthusiasm to project implementation
> Delegation and empowerment: adapting to the different levels of maturity of each individual
> Making sure everyone contributes and fostering a genuine spirit of initiative

Day 2: Influencing and persuading
> Active listening and the art of questioning : understanding others
> The art of negotiation: adopting the right attitudes according to the different players and stakeholders
> Self control: reacting positively to objections or aggression
> Individually tailoring responses to objections, the quest for the positive intention
> The meta-message: what we say, how we say it, and how the other interprets it
> Public speaking: how to inspire, convince and stimulate action: 14 criteria to make an impact

Day 3: Reinforcing personal charisma
> The leader-coach: identify the problem, formulate solutions: the facilitator attitude
> Performance management: driving team evolution, analysing successes, transforming failures, detecting talent
> Feedback: celebrating success: reinforcing and stimulating good practice; alerting on time
> Praise: a process of consideration and respect for achievements
> Taking a stance in a coherent manner and affirming it with authority
> Re-frame deviances: primary qualities and associated defects; positive intention and higher principle

Day 4: Anticipating turbulence, facing tense situations
> Group negotiations: the pre-condition of seeking allies
> The reprimand session Re-frame deviances: primary qualities and associated defects; positive intention and higher principle
> Saying NO: announcing a difficult decision for understanding and acceptance
> Strategy-making in the face of conflictual situations: prioritising consensus and reaching mutual accord


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If you are an international manager, this is the training you need.
For more information; please contact Annemie De Smedt at Protected content send me an email to ads at

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