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Question regarding taxes for married couple (Paris)

I have a few questions regarding taxes and I hope you will e able to answer it.

I have been living in Paris for 3+ years now. I am on a CDI contract.

I have always filed my taxes as a 'celibataire', so 'nombre de parts fiscales' = 1.

Please see : Protected content

I recently got married in India (on 05 October Protected content my wife finally has joined me in Paris on 15 August Protected content . She is new to France. She is not working at the moment.

Now I wish to file my taxes as a married couple. The 'nombre de parts fiscales' in this case = 2.

Obviously, the taxes are much lower when you file as a married couple.

Example :

My gross salary (for example) is EUR 48,450 for the year Protected content .

So, the revenue net imposable would be around EUR 42,000.

If I file my taxes as a 'celibataire' I would have to pay a whopping EUR Protected content . But if we file taxes as a married couple, I would have to pay just around EUR Protected content .

In order to apply as a married couple, she needs a tax number - she does not have this yet.

The online tax declaration does not allow you to submit as a married couple if your spouse does not have a tax number.
My wife was not in France at that time of declaration and I had filed as a 'celibataire' to avoid penalties (Deadline was in June Protected content .

Obviously, now that my wife is in France - I wish to modify my declaration.

Any idea how to proceed? Does she need a social security number before she can obtain a tax number?

I was told that since I am declaring my income taxes for the previous year Protected content my wife was NOT in France the previous year, I will have to declare my taxes as a celibataire (even though we were married in India the previous year Protected content and I will have to pay the required taxes as a single person. But when I declare my taxes the next year Protected content this year Protected content , we can declare our taxes as a married couple.

Is this correct?

This leads to my next question.

According to the article below, for taxation purposes, only the year we got married is taken into account and NOT the day and month we got married. But I was told that this could have been the case had my wife been in France for the entire year Protected content . But in my case, since she entered France during the middle of the year Protected content Protected content , according to the eyes of the French law, we can file taxes as a couple only from 15 August Protected content .

In other words, when I declare taxes in Protected content , upto 14 Aug Protected content , I will pay tax as a bachelor and then from from 15 Aug Protected content 31 Dec Protected content will pay taxes as a couple.

Is this correct?

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