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Subscription to Ecôle du Louvre (Paris)


Dear all,

Some places are still vacant at Ecôle du Louvre: if you enjoy art and would like to deepen your knowledge, you have a chance to become an auditeur! The condition – your subscription file has to be received by them very quickly.

Principle: They offer a number of courses within 2 programmes: a day and an evening ones. Weekly courses are presented to hundreds-of-like-you-and-me in French by experts/ researchers from various museums in a large auditorium: the lecturer shows plenty of examples of the relevant art period, you listen, take or not notes, it is a-there-are-no-exams-no-diplomas atmosphere, some sleep. Usually you do not dare to interrupt the knowledgeable professor with your questions during the course. Some of them have a brilliant sense of humour and thus the course takes another, even more pleasant dimension. In short, these courses are organised in order to diffuse the art knowledge among ignorants – and I confirm it is pure pleasure ;-)

Extras: 1/ You will have your extranet account where you can pick up the courses’ papers and slides for your individual usage. Attention: a usual format is a bibliography list, names of the chef-d’oeuvres and supports full of paintings. For those who like to miss courses, there are no texts of the full sessions ;-). 2/ Your Ecôle du Louvre card will allow you to enter the Louvre and Orsay museums for free and without queuing at any time.

Place: The courses take place in Amphithéatre Rohin, 99 rue de Rivoli at the entrance to Carrousel du Louvre, on your right just in front of Arty Dandy shop with a window full of modern witch-like house-care objects: brushes, bins, etcetera ;-)

Subscription: entrée Porte Jaujard (aile de Flore) and/ or by post – needs to be done quickly.

Courses and subcription details: Be very stoic with this complex paper-only subscription process, which might have been done on purpose as a selection trick ;-) nevertheless it worth it! To find your easy way in all the abracadabra files here are some highlights.

Main courses held in evenings left:
N°1. Histoire générale de l’art - Cours n° 1 bis (this code is very important), Monday 20: Protected content
It is the 1st year of a 3-year course programme:
-> Programme : pages Protected content conditions and prices : pages Protected content
-> Subscription form: Protected content
-> Price of this course only: full 330€, reduced 198€ if - <28 y o, unemployed, etc.
-> Tel n° : Protected content
N°2. Représenter l’humain, représenter le sacré, Tuesday 18: Protected content
N°3. Initiation aux techniques de création et principes de restauration des œuvres d’art, Monday 18: Protected content
-> Programme + plans : Protected content
-> General info : Protected content
-> Subscription : Protected content
-> Tel n° : Protected content

-> You might be interested in a one year programme ‘Initiation à l’histoire générale de l’art’ that covers all art’, pages 2-4: Protected content

It is for the next year now, I have no time to blink the subscriptions are closed :-)

If you have questions, it is better to call Ecôle du Louvre directly, they call you back if you leave a message.

Good luck and see you there!

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