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Tibetan needs work (Paris)

Hello all, I am a volunteer working in a refugee mission position here in Paris and I need a job for a Tibetan, preferably in Paris or in the cooler climate areas of France. He has been here one year and been learning French and getting all his proper papers and status to work here. His Carte de Resident and working papers are for 10 years.

"Karma" is from a remote village in Tibet a 25 day walk from Nepal. He is a father and provider for his family who will be here in about 3 weeks. He urgently needs work now.

This man has no formal education but after interviewing him for an hour, I realized he is very smart, learns fast, is good natured and hard working. He has taught himself English and has already had two french courses. He is adapting quickly, considering he came from a village with no TV, phones, computers etc.

He built his own house in what we call a native "earthen" brick and he very well understands the principles of building. Since architecture is my own background, I had to just smile as he told me in good form how to build a house. He may not use the same terms as someone trained in the profession but he does have the knowledge. I would love to see him be able to work for a company that restores the ancient structures around France. I think he would be valuable to an endeavor such as that.

Secondly, he and his family were farmers and herders, having cows, yaks, chickens etc. The animals were not to eat but for the production through milk, eggs for food. He knows how to make the native cheeses and butter of his country. France is known for her cheeses could we find him a job somewhere related to these skills?

Thirdly, because of the lifestyle above, I was also considering for him a job with a family farm where he could support his family and be part of helping support people who are possibly aging and could use the help.

My main concern is to fit him into a job where his skills are useful and productive, and he can grow in France without loosing his native customs, but adding on the best of french culture too.

It seems like there is a world of difference...but as I thought about it, I realized he is not so different than the french in love of the land, cooking and sharing food, and adapting to the very ancient and the modern all at once.

Any help finding a job for him would be greatly appreciated. Contact me with job info and I will pass it on As Soon as Possible.

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