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Where should I live in Paris?

Hello! I just got a job in Paris & am probably moving from Toronto in 2 months. I used to live in Strasbourg last year.

Where should I live?
Info on me:

-I'm 25
-I am very social & don't enjoy being alone a lot, so I like to make new friends
-Work = 8th Arrn. I'll be working on Ave Kleber near the Arc de Triomphe
-I prefer café/bar, or casual dance bar scene to guest list, expensive drinks, and clubs
-I like areas with a scene of community/everyone's friendly (and in my age bracket)
-easy access to metro / supermarket / entertainment / etc.

Please be specific of the pockets of neighbourhoods, because each arrondisement has, I presume, a "better end" or "closer/more accessible area".

Thanks so much! :)

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