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primary school recommendations & questions? (Perth)

We are considering a move to the Perth area. Would anyone with a child in primary school please share your recommendations on schools. We are leaning toward private and/or international. We are looking for recommendations by parents happy or unhappy with their current school situation. We have not yet decided what part of town to live in and school selection will play a BIG role in this process.

Are there any schools which teach Mandarin Chinese? I have found the weekend language programs - I'm interested to know if any schools teach it as part of the regular curriculum. I am a Mandarin CSL (Chinese as second language) teacher. Alternatively, is there a particular section of town with a higher density of Mandarin speakers?

What is the most common math curriculum used in Australia (Singapore Math or another)?

Our daughter attends a US public school using Everyday Mathematics. We are deeply disappointed with this curriculum and fear she will be behind her grade level in AU. We are looking for basic information on math levels for 4th graders so we can begin to address this deficiency prior to the move.

Thank you!

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