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Legal assistance in Cambodia. (Phnom Penh)

FLC First Legal Cambodia, is a much needed service here in Cambodia, offering liaison and lawyer brokerage, in a language you understand!

Our Mission;

First Legal Cambodia accesses the best Criminal and Civil Lawyers and Law Experts.
Our network includes a wide range of lawyers and legal experts to assist in all matters legal.

FREE confidential advice and lawyer referrals.

Don't choose the wrong lawyer or you'll pay the price! If you need legal assistance, 24/7 FREE advice, a friendly quality service to direct you to the RIGHT lawyer for ALL your legal issues, then contact us;

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5 reasons to call First Legal Cambodia:
1) You don't want to waste money and time by going to a lawyer who is not up to the task.

2) You want to communicate in your own language.

3) You need direction as to who is the BEST lawyer to help you with your problem.

4) Our service is of consultancy and brokerage; you have a choice of who you deal with.

5) Our service avails preferential rates from lawyers, due to the large volume of business we provide.

Navigating the law in Cambodia can be confusing, time consuming and hence, costly.

FLC is here to remove all of those particular aspects of doing business in Cambodia.

First Legal Cambodia is taking the next step in provision of legal service to international clients. Our consultants are residents of Cambodia, from a variety of countries. We offer our clients, clarity and transparency, regarding the law in Cambodia, most importantly, in a language you understand.

Currently, we employ native English, French, Russian and Khmer consultants. All are fluent in English.

As a first point of access to the specialist lawyer you need for your business, FLC can draw from our network of infinitely experienced lawyers. Our relationships have taken years to forge, we are proud to be able to work with our lawyers.

After consultation, FLC will endeavour to place your legal matter in the hands of the absolute most effective and experienced lawyer available in Cambodia. Along with your chosen FLC consultant, your case will be in the most appropriate hands for your personal situation.

Many firms have multidisciplinary lawyers, we have pinpointed which are specialists in fields such as; Criminal/Civil law, Immigration law, Investment/Start up, Real Estate and land. We simply aim to provide the best, in fields that might concern our international clients most, in their native language.


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First Legal Cambodia can provide access to services in all practice areas of law in Cambodia.
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