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Please adopt a kitten, Phuket, non-breed, free!

My husband and I are now searching for a loving family for three little kittens 2 months old, we raised them ourselves after their mom-cat had disappeard. They were then only 10 days old, we did our best to take care of them, now they are lively, playful, sweet, responsive and absolutely adorable kids, familiar with cat-toilet, eating cat-food, all of them sweet-tempered and communicative, smart and fast-learning. We kept them mostly inside our house, so they are healthy and clean. We love them like our own kids)) But we are leaving Phuket very soon, and we dream to find a new caring family for the kittens. We are currently residing at Surin, but we are ready to transport the kitten to your site if needed.

The kittens are plain and non-breed: a boy is white with black spots, two girls tabby (grey), but they are so loving and lovable and would grow into best friend and pet.

I will try to add a link here, hopefully the post wouldn't get banned ^_^
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Please feel free to contact me at istomina.olga (at)

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