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Martin Beck

Living in Thailand, from Germany

"I've been looking for a shop where to buy German food here in Bangkok. Fellow expats on InterNations finally told me how to find the right stores."

Helen Laidboe

Living in Thailand, from USA

"It' such a a pity that we have to leave Bangkok soon. I'll miss the InterNations expat community so much, especially the great events!"

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Welcome to Our Network of Expats in Thailand!

Sawasdee Krab and welcome to our local expat communities in Thailand! InterNations is an online community designed to help expatriates all over the world through the upheaval of taking up residence in an overseas country. Many expats in Thailand have benefited from the huge variety of resources available on the easy-to-use website while adjusting to a new way of life. By joining InterNations, you will find answers to all the questions you have about your new home. You may be wandering, “how do I navigate the volume of road traffic in Bangkok?ʺ, ʺwill my Western wage earn me a better quality of life in Thailand?”, or ʺhow much will I need to pay for my child’s education at one of the international schools?”. These concerns and many others are answered by our experienced members, who are always glad to help out like-minded expats. InterNations is the key to unlocking all areas of life abroad in Thailand, whether it is through one of the many planned events or having simple questions answered online.

Next to Thailand we host several more communities in Asia & Oceania, e.g., our network of Saudi Arabia Expat. Or you might be interested in our France Expat community which is also fairly active.

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Embark on Your Life as an Expat in Thailand

Thailand is famous for its heavenly beaches and resorts and islands such as Krabi and Koh Samui hum with tourists seeking a relaxing holiday. On Phuket you can stay right on the beach in one of the abundant and cheap huts. Thailand is also the birthplace of Muay Thai, a form of martial arts that has recently become popular all over the world. The InterNations community will help you find your local club. You may think you have tasted Thai food in your home country, but when you get an authentic taste of it on Bangkok’s streets or sitting on a beach with a nice cold beer it will be a revelation. Thailand has something for adventurers as well those in search of high culture. But of course, most expats come to the country to seek employment and take advantage of the many economic opportunities. Bangkok throngs with financial and office-based jobs that are prevalent in the world’s largest cities. Thailand has a rich agricultural heritage and although that is slowly being overtaken by the industrial and tourism sectors it still takes pride in its farming. It is the world’s third-highest exporter of seafood and that industry employs many expats in Thailand who wish to live by the beautiful coastline. As an expat, your salary will probably go further in Thailand than it does in your home country and you can hope to live a full and varied life even on a modest income.

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Find Like-Minded People to Share Your Adventure in Thailand With

InterNations is a vibrant community of members who are dedicated to upholding our guiding principles. Politeness, trust, being friendly and welcoming are vital components of InterNations. The outcome of that is that you will be able to interact and make relationships in an incredibly safe environment. You can ask questions on any aspect of life in Thailand. Whether it be facts, or tricky paperwork issues, such as obtaining a work permit, which all expats in Thailand need to have.

It is important that you keep up with your hobbies, so you may want to join one of the groups organized regularly in the community. Whether you live in Bangkok, Phuket, or Chiang Mai, there will be a get-together that is useful for you. The groups encourage bonding over shared love of cuisine and culture. There are many volunteering opportunities for InterNations members to help them feel that they are a true member of the Thai community. And lastly, remember to make the most of the larger social and networking events organized by the InterNations community so you can be introduced to the most interesting global minds you’ll ever meet!

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