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Urgent Expat Assistance required in Phuket

Hello, my name is Jacqi Lunt, I would like to ask if anyone in Phuket ( Patong) can kindly help in urgently assisting us in anyway possible, or know of anyone else that can help. Before the 4th February Protected content the latest, we need to retrieve our cherished possessions from Patong Municipal Pawn Shop, Phuket, Thailand?
Whilst I understand that this is a lot for anyone to do, I am so distraught and desperate to see if anyone can help in anyway, and take away some of the stress that my husband and I have unfortunately found ourselves in.
This has come to such a point that if I can not retrieve these items I find myself at least having no more will to live.
Help could come in any way such as:- Translation, conversing with the Thai Municipality officials, any loan, financial assistance, any contact that could help further etc. Seeing if the Municipal pawn shop can hold the items for a longer time again.

My husband and I stayed in Phuket in September for a while, due to him looking for jobs around the area. He is still actively looking for a job, any where in the world, so if anyone also knows of jobs available would be a great help as well. He was a Company Director in the UAE.
Unfortunately nothing transpired and due to unforeseen circumstances we had to pawn some of our much loved items in order to get to Edinburgh, Scotland, where my husband comes from (I am from New Zealand). The pawned Items included my husbands very cherished Wedding and Anniversary rings as well as a yellow diamond ring of my own. We also have an item in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia so would need help there if possible as well, but that can be later.

Items are in the Patong City Municipal Pawn Shop, and the tickets are with us but if anyone is able to help in obtaining these for us, or asking for another extension from them, we would be extremely grateful and happy to supply data.

We are trying desperately to obtain the money to pay for these items to be released, but on recently becoming homeless and my husband (63year old, Ex Company Director) at present unable to find work it is becoming increasingly difficult, and I fear that we will not be able to raise the money in time for the 4th February. Under all these circumstances and thinking that these extremely cherished items will be sold to someone who does not have any emotional connection to these items, or destroyed, it has become difficult for me and extremely upsetting that we may not be able to get these items back, to the point that it has physically made me sick and that I feel that I can no longer live without them. ?
So even a bit of help in translation, as we do not speak Thai, contacting and talking to the concerned Officials in finding a solution to extend or keep aside the items will mean a lot to us. We are willing to courier the tickets to you in any bid that we are able to get them back and that you could in turn courier them back, after we pay.

We have recently been able to get our house hold items out of storage in UAE, of which my husbands old company finally and kindly paid for the shipment to be sent to Scotland. However, arriving too late for us to sell any items so as to recover the items in Thailand. In the shipment is a Fastlane Swimjet, which if sold will more than pay for the costs, ( if at all any one can help I am willing to sell this item to them, or once sold be able to pay back any advance / loan.
Please....... as time is running out, any help would be very much appreciated, such as contacts, translation, someone able to speak Thai to the Patong City Municipality Pawn Shop to retrieve/secure items, extend deadlines etc. or any other help with financial assistance, would be much appreciated.

Any questions or further explanations / copy receipts etc. as I realise that this may be a lot to take in and ask, please do not hesitate to contact me.

I am hoping that in some way there is someone there that is kind enough to help us, as we are so very very desperate to get these items back.

Kind Regards, Jacqi Lunt

If need be please contact me on my email if at all willing to help. Protected content

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