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Expats relocating to Portland

Hello everyone

We are currently living in Doha, Qatar and we will be relocating to Portland in the future.
We like the expat life and earning a tax free income here but we really miss the greenery and quality of life that other places offer :)
Portland and Oregon in general looks like the PERFECT place for us.
I visited last October and I'm ready to move!

We need some advice on how to go about finding a job in the area.
Let's tell you a bit about us:

-I am originally from El Salvador and hold dual US citizenship. I speak fluent Spanish and English. I have been managing my own business and working for an education centre in Qatar. I am all about community development, business management, and entrepreneurism.

-My partner is from England though he lived most of his life in Germany in a British base. He is a Sports Therapist by profession but has experience in all variety of jobs from hospitality to fitness. He is currently working as a Personal Trainer in Qatar and is a UK citizen. He speaks fluent German.

We are very easy going and mature individuals and we just want a bit of guidance before making a big decision.
I've heard Portland's cost of living has been increasing a lot (especially rent) however, in our initial research we happily found out that we are able to bare the costs comfortably.

Now it's a matter of knowing which types of jobs would be suitable for us and what best places to search taking into account all of the situation.

Do you have any advice or any people or institution it would be worth to make a contact with?
(If you have anything in mind, we can send you our CVs.)

All advice is greatly appreciated! :)

Thank you

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