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Can I make Porto work without the language??

Hi everyone,

I hope all is well with you.

I am relocating to Porto, Portugal (which I am really excited about!) next month with my partner and I have been looking for jobs in the area online. I have worked steadily over the last 5/6 years in various Human Resource roles in Belfast and London, and I would be open to similar or quite different roles with my move to Porto. My partner is Brazilian so she does not have any issue with the language, but as I have only recently started learning Portuguese, I would like some information/advice (reassurance... haha) in relation to English speaking jobs in Porto and whether I am crazy for thinking I can find one while I continue the learn Portuguese in Porto?

Additionally, I am very keen to learn the Portuguese language so I can communicate better with local people and learn more about the culture when in Porto, but this will (unfortunately) take some time.

Finally, I am new to Inter Nations and the content provided by the users on this page has already provided me with a lot of useful information, so thank you all for that. I also look forward to networking with you all going forward.

Grateful for any information you can provide on the above.


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