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Moved to Porto, time to make it official!

Hi everybody,

Sorry if this has come up before, I'm sure it has... But equally everybody's circumstances are slightly different, so I thought it best to start a new thread.

I am from the UK, but wish to officially relocate to Porto

My (Portuguese national) partner moved to Porto in July Protected content . As I had work commitments in the UK, I have been traveling back and forth between the 2 countries, some weeks in Porto, some weeks in the UK etc

I have now decided that I want to relocate here.

I am physically already here!

We already rent property here, so I have somewhere to live

Being a UK citizen (by birth) my understanding is that it's a 'fairly simple' process to live here in Portugal.

I understand that being from the UK doesn't qualify me for Portuguese citizenship, only residency - but equally I understand that I can't just live here and not officially tell anyone :)

I have googled this! But it's all a little confusing...

I THINK I need to arrange residence, not citizenship...?

I have found this website

Protected content

Would one of you please be kind enough to tell me which form I need to fill in?

Do I need a resident VISA or a residence Permit?

And also where I need to take the completed form? In case my dwelling location is relevant.. We live in Senhora de Hora (which is technically Matasinhos, I think..)

Can anyone please provide any advice or guidance on this?

Perhaps there is a professional body/agent that can arrange all of this for me, and charge a SMALL fee?

I also want to take Portuguese lessons, but I'll start a new thread for that as not to converge 2 separate subjects

Thanks in advance

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