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My name is Lucas an Australian expat and Sports and exercise scientist, I have two projects Porto running and Porto hiking /biking. I look to cater to the local enthusiasm for being active and provide support through training and guidance,
Porto and the North has many things on our doorstep I am an avid java disciple, so exercise and caffeine go together. It is more than a project,

porto running
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porto hiking/bike
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I would like my enthusiasm and sprit of play and movement be its reason for existing.

After living abroad being active has help me , you struggle to find a place in a foreign country sometimes alienating, However being part of a community gives you a second identity. In the end provides a new point of contact and could be considered some sort of embassy. Physical activity has no borders, whether hiking, running, walking or cycling.

The active culture is still new in Portugal, or say Porto.

This is something I am still getting used to.
However we are forging a home away from home, where you don't have to entirely abandon your natural habits.
Where you can have dinner at your usual time and not like 9.30/10pm like the locals, But during the summer months can really enjoy the Portuguese lifestyle as the sun sets later.

For many expats it is hard to put down roots, sometimes you stay in your comfort zone or clique which could turn into a claustrophobic group and provide very little emotional nourishment. So really when you do not have much to do you get bored. Sometimes the sensation of being alone.

When this occurs boredom and depression set in struggle to learn Portuguese, or have close friends .

Let's make Porto home, Think about place you go when you need support, community, friendship, encouragement or just an energy boost.

We now understand more about how physical activity stimulates the brain's emotional centre and affects overall wellness.
Group physical activity foster camaraderie, stress relief and emotional intimacy in addition to a effective work out. Boot camps, rides, caminadas, runs, all offer increased potential for success, thanks to peer encouragement, fun, community and in many cases a holistic approach.

To reap all these benefits , of course have to join a group. Typically it is the organiser/trainer who fosters this sense of community of course, no trainer can foster this on their own but it also the group members.

Firstly, I hope to see you and officially introduce myself , to hear your stories

To finish, I would like you to contemplate any obstacles that you're facing in your lives at the moment. I like to think the bike or even walking is a metaphor for life... "When you lean into the hills instead of resisting them, it easier to climb and then enjoy the relief and joy of coasting down the other side"

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