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Port Wine (Porto)

Produced in the oldest demarcated wine region of the world Protected content , Port wine is Produced upstream the Douro river. All the wine by tradition is transported to Vila Nova de Gaia (southern margin of Douro river that separates it from Porto) to the Porto wine cellars, making Vila Nova de Gaia (or just Gaia) the city with higher alcohol concentration in the world.

Today I'm going to share with you my favorite 3 places to go for a Porto. They are:
1. Porto Cruz ( Protected content located in Gaia, just 500m from the lower deck of Luis I bridge, you'll find an awesome veranda and some cool port cocktails made professional bartenders. Excellent place to go watch a sunset or at night with that special someone. The views are superb. It also has a restaurant but I never tried it… Yet.
2. Solar do Vinho do Porto: located in the splendid Crystal Palace Gardens, in the vicinity of the Romantic Museum of Quinta da Macieirinha, Solar do Vinho do Porto is one of the best places to be for Porto wine lovers. Its gardens and veranda and orientation towards the sunset makes of it an idyllic scenario.
3. Sandeman Square: adjacent to Porto Cruz this square has some bars serving pot wine. Going here in the morning to read the newspaper and have a glass of Port may seem crazy, but specially on Sunday mornings you’ll never be alone. It’s also a stopping point for cyclists who enjoy their Sunday morning ride.

For those who prefer to stay at home, you can always amaze and impress your friends by making some special cocktails yourself @ Protected content

If you're a Porto enthusiast go visit the cellars in Gaia. There are lots of brands and each brand will have their own cellar. Be self educated and motivated - VISIT THEM ALL!

Enjoy Porto! And not just the city… :)

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