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The World’s Largest Network for Expats Reaches 52,000 Annual Events in 390 Cities

Munich, 8 September 2016
Now in its ninth year, InterNations offers its 2.2 million members the largest variety of events and activities since its founding

Munich, 08 September 2016 — InterNations (, the world’s leading network and information site for people who live and work abroad, is celebrating nine years of bringing people together in 390 cities around the world. With 52,000 InterNations Official Events and Activities taking place in the past year, the community helped about 1.5 million attendees around the world to meet fellow expats and locals in their new home.

The Combination of Online and Offline Services Sets InterNations Apart

Over the past nine years, InterNations has grown from a group of friends living abroad to the largest network for expats with more than 2.2 million members in 390 cities worldwide. Not only can members use the website to connect with other global minds and research valuable information in the destination guides, but they also have the opportunity to meet and personally exchange experiences at numerous InterNations Official Events and Activities around the globe.

InterNations Founder & Co-CEO Malte Zeeck states: “The combination of online and offline services is what makes InterNations stand out from other expat networks. Our international community is not only a way to connect with others and get information online, but our members can actually meet each other face-to-face at InterNations Official Events and Activities. This makes it much easier for expats to find friends and settle into their new destination.”

InterNations offers members various opportunities to socialize with one another offline:

  • InterNations Official Events: These are large networking or after-work events organized by InterNations Ambassadors for all members. These events take place monthly and some larger communities even host 3–4 events per month.
  • InterNations Newcomers’ Events: Those who are new in town can ease into the community by joining the smaller, more intimate Newcomers’ Events offered in some InterNations Communities. These events give new members the ideal platform to get to know their InterNations Community, one another, and, most importantly, what InterNations has to offer in a more personal environment than at the larger events.
  • InterNations Groups: Those with a premium Albatross Membership can share their interests and hobbies with other global minds by participating in leisure-time activities organized by the InterNations Groups. These activities make it easier for members to connect with others who share their interests and to do more of what they love in their new environment.
  • InterNations Volunteer Groups: For those who are looking to make a difference in their new home, the InterNations Volunteer Groups organize activities in 36 cities around the world. The InterNations Volunteer Program is a worldwide initiative that involves several thousand InterNations members who donate their time and talents to people in need.

Local Ambassadors and Consuls Are Key to InterNations’ Success

All InterNations Official Events and Activities are organized and hosted by members who volunteer to become InterNations Ambassadors or Group Consuls. InterNations Ambassadors are especially committed members who officially represent InterNations in their respective communities and are thus the first point of contact for new members. They play a critical role in welcoming new members to their city and are responsible for hosting and organizing the InterNations Official Events. InterNations Group Consuls help connect people who share their passion for particular hobbies or interests by hosting a large variety of leisure-time activities such as yoga in the park, concert visits, language nights or dinners. The Volunteer Program Consuls bring InterNations members together to make a difference by organizing regular volunteering activities in their local communities.

InterNations Founder & Co-CEO Malte Zeeck emphasizes the crucial importance of those volunteers for the success of the global network: “Over the past year the InterNations Official Events and Activities have seen the highest turnout since the founding of the company thanks to the support from our more than 5,000 volunteer Ambassadors and Consuls who organize and host events and activities in their local communities.”

Celebrations around the Globe

To mark the occasion of nine years of bringing people together, InterNations Communities around the world will be hosting events celebrating InterNations’ mission to help expats feel at home abroad, meet people and find information about their new environment. From Los Angeles to Lisbon, from Hong Kong to Rio, expats from around the world will come together to commemorate nine years of InterNations making life easier for expats. 

Meet our InterNations Ambassador at the next InterNations Official Event in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago or one of the 35 other InterNations Communities in the USA to learn more about the global network.

If you are interested in joining the celebrations and having the opportunity to talk to expatriates from around the world who currently live in USA, please contact or call +49 (0)89 461 3324 79 to sign up.

About InterNations

With more than 5.3 million members in 420 cities around the world, InterNations is the largest global community and a source of information for people who live and work abroad. InterNations offers global and local networking and socializing, both online and face to face. At around 6,000 events and activities per month, expatriates have the opportunity to meet other global minds. Online services include discussion forums and helpful articles with personal expat experiences, tips, and information about life abroad. Membership is by approval only to ensure we remain a community of trust. InterNations is part of the New Work SE, a group of brands that offer products and services for a better working life.

Find more information about InterNations on our press page or in our magazine.

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Country-specific versions are available in different languages in the download section at the end of each press release and upon request.