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Considering the move from Egypt (Puerto Rico)

Hi. I am an international school teacher and have been living abroad in Africa for the last 6+ years. I am considering to start the immigration process for my Egyptian husband and return to the USA. However, I have HUGE anxiety about returning to the mainland USA so therefore have considered Puerto Rico instead. I have a lot of questions.

1) My husband has extensive experience in the business management world. But wants to transition into carpentry and other hands on things like that. Will he be able to find work with is limited Spanish? He's fluent in English and Arabic.

2) I am going to be applying to Baldwin School, Robinson, and TASIS. (possibly a few others). Are there any other schools I should consider? We have an elementary school aged son so good education is a MUST.

3) I have looked on numbeo at the cost of living and everything between San Juan (which I do want to live outside the city) and other cities on the cost of living really much lower in PR?

4) The water... which area has the calmest waters? North? South? East? West?

Thank you!!

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