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HELP only if you need it (Pune)

Crickey you must be like us. We came to Pune on 9th November.

My name is Tracy and my wife Theresa. We didnt understand a thing regarding renting, but let me say if you have sorted it out before you got here? BRILLIANT...

We didnt, so we have looked around every area. We have looked and now know people that can help you. Either before you get here or when you get here. We have gathered a large network of friends, that will be prepared to help you and not push you into an apartment.

We can also advise on how much you should be paying (haggle is a good thing to do and if you knew how much we ended up paying it would make most expats jealous), local shops, help getting around (now that can be fun, but nobody tells you about that)

Please get in touch and I will spend all the time you need to get it right. We really did struggle until we found the right people, so if you think you have two minutes, please feel free and email me. Good luck on your venture

Tracy & Theresa
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