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How do you meet other expats in Pune...


Hey all,

I've lived in Pune for a while now and I can never seem to meet other expats here. I work long hours and have a long commute so I seem to miss the events that take place.

I'm from the sunny, little island of Bahrain but have lived and studied in New York, Spain, Syria, Nepal and New Delhi. I'd love to meet fellow third-culture kids, food and wine snobs, amateur cooks, people interested in politics, culture, gender and sexuality, Pune-haters, those experienced in exploring India, adventurers, itinerants, arabic or spanish speakers, goofballs, jokers, writers, and progressives who find living in such conservative environs a little stifling.

Also looking for a running/gym buddy - if you can motivate me to stay on a treadmill longer than 30 minutes, I will express my gratitude by cooking you some of the finest Texas chilli (outside of texas) and ploughing you with beer.

I can be reached at Protected content


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