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Newcomer to Pune - Questions

Hi. I'm heading to Pune for a few months and think I'll be situated in the Kalyani Nagar area, although have never been there. A few trivial questions I hope to get some answers on are:

As a female, is grocery shopping close by and safe within walking distance?
I think I'll have a backup generator, but curious to know how often and for how long these inconvenient power outages are?
Is it easy to hire a car for lengthy errands, sightseeing, or even a day trip to another city?
What is the standard dress for women within the IT offices in that area?
If a doctor or medication is needed, is it a hassle, or not bad, with pharmacies in the area?
I'm considering the "Waterfront" society accommodations. Care to provide feedback on them?

It's tough being a newbie, so for those that respond... Thanks so much!

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