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Dogs in Morocco (Rabat)

Hello, I am debating whether I ought to move my dog with me when I relocate to Morocco. I have read mixed things about living with a dog there, and am curious to learn about others' experiences.

I have a big fluffy border collie german shepherd mix, and he is very energetic. I take him running every other day, and to a dog park on alternating days. He almost needs to play off leash with other dogs. I'm worried this may not be possible in Morocco and specifically in Tetouan where I will initially live.

I'm also concerned about being able to bring him places. Will friends allow him in their homes, can I tie him to a tree in the shade outside a restaurant when I eat, or bring him to an outdoor restaurant patio to join me? I do almost everything with him. And will I be able to find someone to give him good care when I travel out of town?

My brother has offered to take him if his life will be less good in Morocco. Any thoughts you can share, I'd be grateful.

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