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First Rabat Community Get-Together

Dear all,

I'm currently planning our first get-together but before coming out with a proposition, I'd like to have your opinion on the date for 2 reasons:
1. many of you might still be on holidays in augus and
2. Ramadan will start around the 2nd of August, which will a get-together adter work for a drink a bit difficult.

So there are 3 solutions/propositions:
1. We meet for a "ftour" ( the meal around (5/6 pm to break the fast)
2. We meet for a coffee/tea (alcoholic drink during ramadan is very difficult to find in a pub/restaurant) after "ftour"
3. We meet in September after Ramadan

What do you think and prefer?

Your suggestions are very much appreciated and will help me a lot organizing this event, which I look very much forward to.

Thanks in advance for your engagement!!
take care

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