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Great Nails in Regensburg!

My whole life I have been plagued with horrible nails that broke and chipped practicallly every time the wind changed direction! I never thought I'd be able to get this excited about nails - especially my nails, but the Signature Nail System (SNS) used by this tiny little Nailstudio not far from BIsmarkplatz parking garage is a dream come true. SNS comes from the US and I had never heard of it before - probably because I've lived here for so long. At any rate, it's easily affordable and your nails always look GREAT!

I know this probably sounds like some bimbo on QVC or any one of those other TV shopping channels, but believe me, it's true - I've been getting my nails done there for about 9 months now. At any rate, I promised the vietnamese woman at the shop that I would tell everybody I know about how great my nails are. Unfortunately, I couldn't upload the 10€ coupon into the forum, but the coupon and prices are scanned onto my profile so you can copy them from there or if that doesn't work, I can send you one by email. Here's the link to my profile pics:

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The only backdraw is that the vietnamese woman doesn't speak German very well at all and her English is even worse! It would be best to go by in person with your coupon to make your appointment! Let me know if you need any help or any explanation about how it works.

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