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New Member- considering move to Iceland (Reykjavík)

Hi expats in Iceland: I am looking to connect to learn about your experiences there. My husband and I recently made our 3rd visit there and we are both inspired by Iceland's outstanding world reputation, the culture, the moderate climate, the sense of respect for the arts, and in my case, the prevalence of high-quality municipal swim halls. We realize that living in a place is very different from visiting there. We are a Finnish-American couple, so I, as the American half, would be eligible for a residency and work visa based on my husband's EEA member country citizenship. We currently live in New Hampshire, not far from Boston, which is only about a 5-hour flight from Keflavik. We both like mild/cool weather, so Iceland seems suitable in that sense- my husband was born and raised in northern Finland and I was born and raised in Massachusetts so we have both lived in cold/moderate climates our whole lives. We do not have any children. We have a pet rabbit, and I haven't gathered much about how common pets are in Iceland, so if it would be really hard to import and keep our bunny there I think it would be a deal-breaker for us. I lived in Finland for a few years and I am pretty fluent in Finnish, so I have experience living in Nordic Europe and even though English is widely used in work culture in Iceland, I think Icelandic would be manageable for me. For work, my husband is in the RF testing field and I work in electronics assembly- I would be open to doing just about any type of work in Iceland except customer service, which I have experienced here in the U.S. and discovered that I am not very good at it, so that would not a reasonable option in Iceland. During our visit in Protected content , we were surprised and happy to see that there was Nordic Europe's first Costco opening in Reykjavik and we browsed there during this year's visit, so that seems like something that would help with the homesickness if we moved there. I know that I have said a lot here- just wanted to mention some points about our lives and experiences and how they might or might not work in Iceland.

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