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Finding somewhere to live (Rio de Janeiro)


I have been in Rio about a month and have some work so am looking to get out of the hostels and into my own place. Well, my own room at least.

I have asked here before, but I hope that now I can offer a little more detail I will get some more information.

What I Want
I am looking for a room in a shared apartment near Lapa. I would happily take a studio apartment, but I am on a tourist visa so that maybe hard. So for that reason I am happy to share an appartment, but I do not want to share a room. Most of my work is at companies around Carioca station so by staying somewhere around Lapa I will save money on transport.

This is where I am a little unsure and need some guidance on a fair price. I have spoken to a couple of people who said you can rent a flat around Lapa/centro for less than R$1000, but most of the rooms I have seen are going for about R$ Protected content . One of the people I have spoken to has warned me about people charging rent that pays for the whole appartment so I want to be sure that I am not being ripped off if I am paying that much money.

Anywhere better than Easyquatro?
I have joined facebook groups called REI moradias and Republics de Rio, but can be a bit hard to follow and seem to offer short term rents or shared rooms. I'm sure if I persist with these I will find something but I was wondering if there are anymore or better places to look.

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