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Investment Research Internship (3 Mo + 3 Mo) (Rio de Janeiro)

Opportunity: Investment Research Internship / Long Term Investments

The Firm and Tasks: Financial research firm with established market presence of 10 years is expanding its product line-up, providing opportunities for effective all-rounders as research assistants. The work opportunity will start with a 3 month internship. Only one successful candidate will be considered for full time training opportunity. Following successful conclusion of a 3 months internship term the opportunity exists to extend the training program for up to another 3 months. After that, successful candidate is either offered an opportunity to work out of Switzerland/New York/UK or other strategic location relevant to the business model or to continue with work based in Brazil. This is not a part time opportunity for which training will be provided. The specific research tasks will revolve around the daily research routines to support 3 senior analysts with 65 years of investment research publishing and management background (in Brazil/Switzerland, New York and New Jersey). American candidates get a preference if they have demonstrabled financial markets background and investment acumen, and the same is applicable to English and Indian applicants if there is a willingness to operate in their home jurisdictions where research firm has long term strategic interests. The market for all research products being developed is outside Brazil with a bias toward long term, low turnover investment style, and the successful candidate is one that can make perfect sense of their home jurisdictions as opposed to being infatuated with emerging markets adventure of the Brazilian kind. Perfect candidate is here in Rio by accident, doesnt enjoy Samba and could not care less about Soccer world cup. No Portuguese language skills are required. Since this is an internship opportunity it is perfectly OK to have very little previous work experience and or being "Old".. We would not have a problem setting this up as a traditional European style apprenticeship program with relevant parental consent. We`ll teach you how to go about this, for as long as we can make sense of the candidate and his/her motivational skill-set. This is an opportunity for risk takers and preferably unmarried and unattached, although the right candidate with the right motivational skillset can overcome any hurdles that life imposes. The right candidate will have to be a self-starter and we will spend a detailed amount of time on background checks. So please dont embellish your resume with accomplishments of theoretical kind that dont translate into verifiable results. Post hiring discoveries of resume lies are grounds for termination for cause. Any claims you make, be prepared to demonstrate that indeed you are able to perform what you say you can perform. No NPUs (Non productive units) need apply. As a reward you will get put in touch with the best and brightest investors and family offices that this industry offers. We are not willing to associate ourselves with mediocricity in spirit and substance or pathetic liars. Self-confidence based on verifiable knowledge is what our clients demand. This is a perfect opportunity for someone with skills in the non-financial sector who wants to diversify into the area of investment research, business intelligence and fund management. There are no current plans to set up an investment fund in the next 5 years. Since we target at this point a fast and willing learner, we look for a candidate with lots of time on his hands, no extra-work related commitments and willling to grow with a capacitated and highly motivated team.

Requirements: Excellent written English skills; Demonstrated writing skills, even creative writing/literary background. A writing sample in English sourced from any walk of life is required. No applications will be considered without affirmative demonstration of writing abilities. Demonstrated work life balance and common sense to business is desired. Intellectual curiosity and persistence in business or other endeavors has to be apparent. 2 Character references, one from family and one from the business community are desirable. For members that have been around for a while, a credit report will further be required either US/European kind or SPC/Serasa as well as demonstration of being current with tax reporting obligations in jurisdiction where you reside or hold passport. Not interested to get in bed with deadbeats to help them pay for past liabilities. We don`t want to hire tax-cheats or folks with a hedge fund get rich quick mindset. We are not interested in trading/sales/short term driven personalities. Financial/Capital Markets background is not required. Marketing flair and social networking skills are a plus. Diverse, non-traditional skillsets are a plus, such as ventriloquy, art history and just about anything that doesn`t involve making money by flipping assets or deceiving people. We generally invest in businesses in a Warren Buffett style. We are not interested in rabid make believe artists. Expect the real skills you claim to have to be tested. For everything else we teach you. Excellent listening skills and reading comprehension skills are mandatory. Logical reasoning skills are a plus but are developable in the context of the actual work environment where candidate is placed. Students are OK only to the degree where a full time commitment translates into every-day work commitment extended over several semesters. We would only be willing to work with 1 student candidate. Successful completion of a bachelor degree is desired but not required for as long as other requirements are met such as the English language skills, motivations mindset and writing abilities. We can easily deal with people from technical non traditional backgrounds possessing a wealth of life experience. This is actually more valuable to us than being knowledgeable about portfolio theory, options theory or corporate finance. We like to do things as opposed to talk about doing things. We are not a firm that is funded by venture capital nor will we seek venture capital funding. We are also not a government agency that pays us to go places to do nothing. People with a big ego, private equity or venture capital, government bureaucrat mindset eager to burn investors capital with NPU modes of thinking need not apply. The best businesses come to shape with experienced individuals and being bootstrapped from savings. People with any sort of publishing background in any industry vertical are a plus. If you have a fortune Protected content big multinational company mindset, chances are you will not be happy in the entrepreneurial environment we have to offer. You will not be hired because of your rolodex or connections or something of that kind. We dont want sales people but people with the ability to learn stuff and do things in the research and research assistant universe. A research assistant helps in research tasks and publishing activities. We dont need an editor because our clients are highly mature and emotionally stable individuals. We need people who can write and summarize things that we put into our research reports. This can be soemthing as simples as a summary of a business description sourced from company websites or other sources but it can also extend into more complex tasks like gathering of tables of competitors and feeding of financial data into the table according to our own proprietary in-house methodology.

The typical career progression of interns/research assistants is to become a fully fledged research assistant, then an publishing analyst and then evolve into a co-head of research responsible for an autonomous area. This is a progression that can take multiple years for the most dedicated individuals. This can easily take 5 years to become your own co-head of research without supervisory assistance in your realm of responsibility.

The workplace for the next 3 months plus potentially 3 months after that is Rio.

Eager to hear from applicants via email to
Protected content

All applications will be responded with a quick feedback/acknowledgement and if further interested phone follow up and only then with a personal interview. References will not be required at this point but should be made available further along in the selection process. There is no application deadlines here but we consider resumes on a rolling basis.

Computer will be made available and there exists limited availability to a shared Bloomberg terminal in July/August period. The internship involves getting you acquainted with the tools of the trade and no prior familiarity is required.

Over the next 3 months we will have to make sure that certain internal results are achieved. The ideal candidate will be a learner who knows how to subordinate his learning experience to the higher order organizational goals and workflow of the senior analysts and co-head of research. the right candidate will know when to listen, when to do things and when to venture out on his own in trial and error approach. We are looking for 1 assistant and not a know-it-all. The ability to serve is key, for Investment Research is an outsourcing business, even for much experienced co-heads of research. Thank you for your attention.

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