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Suggestions to finding shared flats? (Rio de Janeiro)

I've started my flat hunt in Rio and have been running into similar obstacles every flat I visit. The flats I've seen don't quite have the feel of shared-flats I'm used to. I'm a bit uneasy by the way things are done. Ex: usually I'm only interviewed by the landlord and don't even meet the flatmates-to-be that I would actually be living with.

I really appreciate living with people who actually enjoy sharing a flat, aside from the fact that they have to due to financial circumstances... suggestions on where to look or where to go?

I'm looking to rent a room in Zona Sul, pay no more than R$1000/month for a long period (min 1yr). I've been checking easyquarto and couchsurfing website, but so far no luck.

Ideas welcome! Protected content for reading


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