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2 Villas for sale & 1 building for rent (Riyadh)

guys how are you?

i have a Saudi friend he is the lord of 2 villas and building including 9 apartments he is looking to rent the building and to sell the 2 villas, all in Jasmine area - Anas bin Malek Street.

every villa = 270m2
one villa is on the corner of 2 roads
the ground floor: 2 kitchens one is American style it means open style and one normal
big living room and guest room
2 bathrooms
also room for the driver
second floor:
4 suites means every room include its bathroom
third floor: room for housemaid and washer machine room and to keep the cloth in there
PRICE: 1.7 Million SAR
the other villa exactly same but the location is on one street face of southeastern
PRICE: 1.6 Million SAR

Building fully for rent BY 300.000 SAR or it cane be rent differentiate
the building is amazing I have seen it:
8 big and nice apartments and number nine is smaller than the others
the building on the corner as well nice location and Pandati is downstairs on the main road and the entrance of the building is opening to the residential area

3 apartments are designed for:2 rooms + big living room and one guest room and 2 bathrooms
5 apartments: 3 rooms + big living room and one guest room and 3 bathrooms
1 apartment: 1room + small living room and one guest room and 1 bathrooms

Gaz system is built in every apartment
High-security system for the main gate
building keeper

2 villas & the building location:
Al Yasmine Area

email me please:
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