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20Y.O Male Illegally living in S.A, Riyadh.


Hey what's up guys. My family moved to S.A. a long time ago, I've lived here most if not all of my life. Over the past couple of years things have gotten really bad for my family. There's a couple of things I'm confused about that I would appreciate any advice on

I want to leave Saudi Arabia. My Iqama is expired since my dad's one has been expired for years. I'm stuck at home trying to figure things out online for myself. What steps do I have to take to make my future better?

1)Dependent tax
As far as I know there's an expat tax on each dependent Protected content per month for Protected content 200 for Protected content 300 for Protected content 400 for Protected content so on. If I ever wanted to leave Saudi Arabia, someone has to pay that tax correct? Is it my responsibility? How do I pay it? Who do I pay it to? I need some clarification.

2) Dependent until 18 for Males.
I've searched this up and found that a male that reaches the age of 18 can no longer get an Iqama from his father as a dependent. He has to get a new one. Do I have to figure this out for myself? How can I do that? There's so little information online. Who's ever going to sponsor a random unskilled expat?

3) Getting deported
What's the process here? Do I just waddle my way into a police station saying I'm illegal? They'll deport me to my country of origin? I'm sorry if I'm making a joke of it but I'm just so freakin confused about all this since I never really tried to understand it. My bad I know. Hopefully it's not too late for me to get my sh** together.

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