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Cost of living in Riyadh?? Help needed!

Hi there, hope everyone had a great weekend!!!
I’m considering a job offer in Riyadh and would be very helpful to have an idea on costs of living - I’ve been browsing and found a couple of amazing compounds but pricing seems exorbitant…!! This I think would be my biggest concern as I’ve also learnt that rent is paid in advance (min 6 months to a year).
We are a couple so house sharing is not an option and would not want to downgrade from our current lifestyle in London.
Also we’ve seen that we would need either a car or a driver, we would go back to the corporate world working in an office, so might need to do lunches out, plus all other typical expenses (grocery shopping, phone contract, satellite TV, gym, cleaner, etc).
Also I’m not sure if entertainment costs are higher than London, although I understand that alcohol is banned but say a dinner out, or a day out during the weekend, vs costs of a day out in London or the countryside exploring…
Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!!!
Many thanks,

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