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Fingerprint detection issue at immigraation (Riyadh)


i moved to Riyadh in early Protected content . I have been facing this issue whereby my fingerprint scan is not detected at SAUDI airport immigration be it if i am leaving KSA or returning. This happens every single time and causes much irk as i am asked to move to a separate counter where they have to manually input my travel log.

I have an active ABSHIR / MOI account, which again was created manually by the staff at MOI (exit 5 office) because the MOI kiosk would not register my fingerprint and label it 'invalid'

I have made countless trips to the main JAWAZAT head office at King Fahad road and particularly to the fingerprints dept but have been quite unsuccessful in getting my point across ( i can not speak Arabic)

I have a friend who has a similar problem and i am aware many other people have the same issue (judging by the number of people asked to go to a separate counter in each flight)

Just wondering, if anyone here has the same issue? And if they have been able to resolve it? Would love to hear back


Mehtaz Sultan

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