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A short letter from the new ambassador (Rome)

Dear everybody,

I was told people rarely show up for events here in Rome
I heard there are more rooms for rent than advice about what to see and do in the city;-)
Why don’t we develop InterNations Rome to become one of the leading cities in the community?
I have spent a bit of time checking out how much talent there seems to be in this group of people, and with the multiple industries and nationalities, I am convinced InterNations Rome can become an even bigger success than it is now.

What you want, how much want and when you want it.
I have no prefixed ideas about what the network should represent. It is up to all of you and with more than Protected content , unique minds, I see no limits to what we can do. So let’s make it democratic, and I will then try to control my innate wish to decide things. Please turn the heat up on the network by suggesting whatever you feel suitable. We will see where it ends and in the meantime, let’s meet once a month all of us for an off-line event. This is one of the very few existing rules.

Thank you for reading – now, should we get started?
We try to make the next off-line event be already on Thursday July 29th, from 19. Protected content . I am in contact with different hotels/bars now, but no breakthrough yet. Please write back if you have any hot ideas. Let’s agree that final decision about the event will be made one week prior to the day, so this coming Thursday (22nd) Hope to hear from many of you. Ciao, Benjamin.

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