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Advice On How To Move To Rome (from New York, USA)

Ciao Tutti

I hope everyone is well.

My name is Booker - and I'm sure you have seen many, many letters asking the same question. And I do apologize for being/sounding redundant. If there's a thread already addressing this - please point me in that direction!

I currently live in New York City, USA. To make a long story short - I absolutely love Italy - the culture, the language, the people, everything. I've traveled quite a bit to the country - around to many different cities - and at this junction in my life, I'd like to move there. I've chosen Rome because of my research - more opportunities, housing, quality of life, ease of transportation - and because the city speaks to me; I feel so at home there.

I have an elementary understanding of the language. I can get by. I am still doing my own studies, learning on my own and plan to take formal courses.

I have a varied resume - banking, nonprofit management, fashion, project management, city government. I am also looking into getting my certificate to teach English as a second language. In my nonprofit management position, I worked with international organizations, managed their backend business (board of directors, membership, sponsors) to give them a more global presence. I worked in Paris for 2 years at a fashion house (interning). Plus, I have certificates in teaching yoga and physical fitness instructor.

I would really appreciate any advice on the steps I can take in order to make this happen. I will work jobs out of my experience in order to get there. I'm on jobs sites, looking for American companies with openings, etc.

Thank you all for your advice and help! I don't have a set timeframe as I am flexible. Any time out of 3 months to get all packed up and settled here in NYC is a good start time.

Molto, molto grazie!
Buona serata!


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