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AmericanStudiesCentre-Conference-Apr20-h.9.00 (Rome)

April 20th - h 9.00
via Michelangelo Caetani Protected content Square area).
Conference promoted by PAFI – Peace Ambassadors for Iraq
Hosted by the Center of American Studies, in cooperation with ISPI
The Mosul Dam has been classified by the U.S Army Corps of Engineers as "the most dangerous dam in
the world." Providing critical irrigation, flood control, and hydropower to northwest Iraq, leaks were discovered within months of initial operation and the dam is now considered a "high risk" for failure.
The dam is the fourth largest in the Middle East, holding back 11 billion cubic meters of water. The consequences of the dam's collapse would be catastrophic. In addition to submerging entire cities and towns under water, the loss of life is estimated by the U.S Embassy to be between .5 – 1.47 million people.
This panel will discuss the Mosul Dam Crisis in depth.
Keynote Speech: Nadhir al-Ansari, Faculty of Engineering, Lulea University of Technology
Panel Discussion: David Dewane, Faculty of Architecture, Catholic University, Washington
Lucio Ubertini, Scientific Committee of the World Water Assessment Program of UNESCO
Raimondo Luciano, Faculty of Engeneering, University of Cassino
Enrica Caporali, Faculty of Engeneering, University of Firenze
Keynote Speech: Jamal al-Dhari, Peace Ambassadors for Iraq – PAFI
Panel Discussion: Edward Powell, National Security Expert
Zack Gold, Nonresident Fellow at the Atlantic Council's Rafik Hariri Center for the Middle East
Franco Frattini, Former Minister of Foreign Relations, President of SIOI – Italian Society for International Organization
Moderator: Paul Hamill, Foreign Affairs Expert, Logan International Relation

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