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An event with an opportunity! (Extras Casting!) (Rome)

Hello everyone, on 28th of September there is a "Funtimes" event organized:

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This event will be nice, full of fun! So firstly you should "attend" for the fun part! But also there will be a nice opportunity, as some friends of us are coming from "Extras Casting", for SKY new TV Serie "The New Pope" (Paolo Sorrentino) (Where last year in another event (official one, in OS Club : Thanks again Lorenzo! some of us had been in extras casting for the movie "Loro") . They will be looking for new "talents" while we are enjoying with our Apero-Party!

You can find below the communication which is sent to me:


Ciao Tev, we will be glad to join your event on 28th of September, and if it will be possible, we would like to have also the opportunity to know some foreigners more
for the next TV serie directed by Paolo Sorrentino “The New Pope” will be produced by Wildside, to work as extras casting.

Shooting will take place mainly in Rome and will begin in November Protected content .

At the event, we would like to take some photos of people who would like to take a part. Of course we will ask their permissions first like we did always!

Then, we will chose who can be a part of some scenes. And of course this work will be paid!
(No Cinema experience is required.)

It would be really good for us during the event of Internations “Funtimes: MU Apero-Party!” to meet your friends, to take some photos of them who are willing to take a part in some scenes and who knows: Let's Ciak!

Best regards
Cristina Veliscig
Extras casting assistant

Alessandra Troisi Protected content
Wildside s.r.l. | The New Pope |
extras casting and coordinator


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