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Anyone move from Ireland to Rome - just curious!

Just wondering whether anyone has moved over to Rome from Ireland. I'm from Limerick living in Dublin for years. Is there much "to do" in terms of banks, don't think we need a visa (or do we?), how about VHI? I hope to move early next year as i've to wait for a qualification at the end of this year - and am trying to line up as much as possible now.

What do people advise in terms of getting an English speaking job? I was hoping to get a job in a legal environment but just in case that won't happen until i'm over there/speak intermediate Italian (I've VERY basic Italian right now), what kind of jobs are available for people like me - who can work in an office environment? Just don't want to postpone working in Rome until I find the "right" job, in case that doesn't come around, i'd rather be in the "right" city than job!

Any help/directions/advice would be welcomed.


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