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Arrivederci Roma (Rome)


Once upon a time in Rome, where all roads lead to, there was an aperitivo fan, tasting spritz in Monti while writing some notes on his moleskine. At that time, a never seen before specie of Pingwine appeared in front of his eyes to explain the intensity and delights of riezling grapes. Although spritz-man was a keen student and thoughtful listener, he needed the experience of a practitioner and suggested Pingwine to roam through trattorias and ristorantes to further learn the benefits of, not only riezling, but pinot grigio, chardonnay, sauvignon blanc, and even muscat from the Golan Heights, accompanied by the finest Roman cuisine. From that moment on a sweet complicity led both into a charming wine and dine spiral, only to be abruptly ended by the roughest materialistic requirements of an airline carrier.

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