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Casa del Cinema from September 19 (Rome)


Casa del Cinema from September 19 meetings and screenings

Organization: Experimental Center of Cinematography.

Since September 19, Protected content ,
at the House of Cinema start the celebrations for the 80th anniversary of the National Film Center. First dates planned (19, 26 and September Protected content a series of projections accompanied by meetings with the directors and with students who tell "their" Experimental Cinema Centre: an important part to enrich the great mosaic that is the cinema history.

"For eighty years, the National Film Centre stands proud, to tell and to tell not only the Italian cinema, but also the historical changes and cultural Italy. From Protected content today the Center is a hotbed of levers not only directors but also of actors and actresses, writers, costume designers, cinematographers, editors, sound engineers and all those who are responsible for various reasons the work is created and film it's so authors. Bodies, faces, places that not only describe the tastes divistici of different ages and is well demonstrated by the exhibition set up for the occasion - but also projections of diploma papers, tutorials, and feature films. As in a game of Chinese boxes, the same image durations in the Centre movement may vary depending on the management and address given by the various presidents who have come and gone uphold the honor of this important institution and pass over the years, from the short film, the medium length film, the feature film before returning to be short. Each event will be accompanied by the meeting with the students who will tell us, in a sort of "free indirect", "their" Experimental Center of Cinematography, useful piece to enrich the great mosaic that is the history of cinema. Look to the past to project into the future. Because as the advent of cinema has forced the nineteenth novel narrative to redefine its borders, pushing the literary work towards unexplored territories of an elusive inner eye of the camera, so is the film now having to rethink areas of his narrative under the overwhelming thrust of seriality, experimenting with new expressive synthesis. But the celebrations of the 80th anniversary of the National Film School at the Cinema House starting in September and will continue throughout the month of October and November ideally want also usher in a happy synergy between two important institutions in the promotion and diffusion of Italian cinema " .
Stefano Rulli--- President Experimental Center of Cinematography

--- The Program:
Monday, September 19
---h.15.30: tragic hunting of Giuseppe De Santis Protected content , 90 ')
Protected content Story of a Love of Michelangelo Antonioni Protected content , 102 ')
Protected content Short presentation of the 80th anniversary of the National Film Center with Stefano Rulli and Caterina d'Amico
to follow the center of the film Protected content , 57 ')
Process to follow to the city of Luigi Zampa Protected content , 108 ') Print restored by the Cineteca Nazionale

Monday, September 26
---h.15.30: Trastevere boys Umberto Lenzi Protected content , 40 ')
The resort to follow Marco Leto Protected content , 112 ')
---h.18.30: Walk early in the morning of Folco Quilici Protected content , 17 ')
The stragglers followed by Francesco Maselli Protected content , 78 ')

---h.20.30: Meeting with Fernando Birri, Luigi Di Gianni
Popular images sacred to follow Sicilian Fernando Birri and Mario Verdone Protected content , 9 ').
Pictures to follow popular Sicilian profane Fernando Birri and Mario Verdone Protected content , 11 ');
to follow foreign artists in Italy - Castagnino '65 Roman Diary of Fernando Birri Protected content , 12 ')
Following the arrest of Luigi Di Gianni Protected content , 32 ')

Friday, September 30
---h.20.00: Étude Istvan Gaal Protected content , 7 ');
Danse macabre Gustavo Dahl Protected content , 8 ');
One two three Emidio Greek Protected content , 25 ').

---h.21.00: Meeting with Silvano Agosti
following: Requiem Silvano Agosti Protected content , 13 ');
The vigil Silvano Agosti Protected content , 24 ');
The Garden of Earthly Delights by Silvano Agosti Protected content , 88 ').

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