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Documentaries on current affairs and human rights (Rome)

Palazzo delle Esposizioni - Via Nazionale Roma
The best documentaries on current affairs and human rights
A project by CineAgenzia for International:
Future baby by Mary Arlamovsky.
Austria, Protected content , 91 '- v.o. with subtitles in Italian. Italian preview.
It presents Elena Boille (International).
A trip around the world and the future of human reproduction,
including patients and researchers, donors and surrogate mothers, clinics and laboratories:
the extent to which we want to lead us?
A fascinating and disturbing snapshot of a future that has already arrived.
---The series: Palazzo delle Esposizioni is back to reflect on the great contemporary issues through extraordinary documentaries from around the world, International presents in Rome, after the journalism festival of Ferrara. It is not easy to chase the story of actuality through the best documentary film, that can make us understand and move together, but it requires much more time-consuming production of a television report, and far from economic investment and staff.
The eight films that make up the new edition of the exhibition represent that balance, including current events urgency, depth and narrative, and tell the complexity of the world around us without filters, in person, through exciting stories and exemplary .
In stock selection we have reserved space to issues not raise hysterically by the media, but that profoundly affect our future: education for Reach for the Sky, the collective madness that in a highly competitive society like South Korean surrounds the final exams, and the frontiers of human reproduction in Future Baby.
The rest of the program will take you to Barcelona for the triumphant election campaign from the bottom of the neo-mayor Colau Ada, in the United States to take stock of massacres and power of the gun lobby on the eve of presidential elections in Egypt to discover between satire and censorship traumatic after-effects of the revolution, in an Israeli communities torn apart by crime and religious and political tensions in Pakistan to understand the roots of religious extremism and internal conflicts to Islam, and in the front line along the borders between the Islamic State and Kurdistan including refugee camps and disputed territories.
Info Palazzo delle Esposizioni - Cinema Hall Films in original with subtitles.
Protected content
---Where: Via Milano 9 in steps, Rome
---How: FREE ADMISSION TO LOW PLACES -The seats will be assigned from one hour before the start of each screening. Ability to book reserved only for membership card holders. The entrance will not be allowed to start event.
When: From: 10/04/ Protected content 09/10/2016

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