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events in Rome in July

Villa Pamphilj inaugurates a summer season of concerts, I concerti nel parco, from July 6. That night one of Italy’s top jazz trumpet players, Paolo Fresu, will perform.

Robert Plant, will sing at the Rome Auditorium for the first time, on July 12.

The Italo-Scottish artist Paolo Nutini will be on stage on the 19th. At the Capannelle race track.

The British pop star James Blunt will please the crowds on the 21 to present his fourth album Moon Landing.

The Scottish rock stars Simple Minds will play in Rome’s Auditorium on the 27th: The Greatest Hits Tour.


The Portuguese-mediterranean music Festival Sete Sois Sete Luas, will be in Rome from July 16 to the 22nd.

The Cuarte Tango Ensemble will perform in the beautiful architectural setting of the S. Ivo alla Sapienza court on the 24th with their Noche de Tango.

On the same night, one of the top Italian folk musicians, Ambrogio Sparagna, will present “Ballo!“, a folk dance and music show with Protected content on stage.


After ten years Keith Jarrett will play again solo. At Rome’s Auditorium on the 11th.

The Italian jazz star Stefano Bollani will play with the Brasilian Hamilton de Holanda on the 16th at the Rome Auditorium (open-air concert). South-american music.


Again the S. Ivo alla Sapienza court will host Mozart’s Little Night Music on July 12, 15 and 17.


Towns and villages run a lot of activities during the summer when they host Roman visitors. Let’s start with Tivoli. From July 4 you can visit the Renaissance Villa d’Este on Friday and Saturday nights. Last admission at 11pm.

You can admire the Nederlands Danse Theatre 2 crew on July 10 and 11 at Hadrian’s Villa International Festival.

The archaeological site of Ostia hosts a Classical Theatre Festival from July 5 (in Italian).

Ostia again, but its coastal area, the so called Lido, hosts the world’s most colourful race, The Colour Run on the 19th.

Albano, in the Castelli area, features “Arena dentro la storia” an experimental archaeology Festival on July 3-6.

Last but not least, south-east of Rome, Palestrina hosts its summer jazz Festival in the town’s alleys. “Vicoli del jazz” runs on July Protected content . A very good occasion to visit a little town with an incredible history.


As you may know from our previous post, Italian museums, monuments and sites have new rules from July 1. This Friday and on July 11, 18 and 25 state-run landmarks will be open until 10pm while this Sunday, July 6, they’ll be free!


Villa Medici, the French Arts Academy of Rome, dedicates this year’s outodoor Cinema Fest to Isabelle Huppert. July Protected content . Original version movies with Italian subtitles.

The 20th edition of the Medfilm Festival will unfold from July 4 to the 11th and will focus on Morocco and Italy.


Summer sales kick off this Saturday, July 5. But you can already have big discounts a few days before, just ask before purchasing your goods and you’ll probably get a rebate of at least 20%.


The Trastevere borough gets particularly crazy in mid-July, not just for the heat and the summer atmosphere but also for its Feast, the Festa de Noantri. The official dates are not available yet.


A wooden reproduction of Shakespeare‘s Globe Theatre in Villa Borghese has been hosting a lot of plays of the English master for many years now. From July 8 (in Italian).


The top dance event of the month is the “Invito alla danza” Festival at the Rome Dance Academy, Aventine. From July 10 to the 31st.

The international artist Carolyn Carlson will host two dance and visual arts workshops in the jaw-dropping Villa Torlonia Theatre on July 4 and 5.

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