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Explanation of new Albatross Membership (Rome)

Hi Everyone!

Martina and I wanted to start up a conversation about the new InterNations Albatross membership.
What InterNations is trying to do is raise the level of service and options available to its members. Keep in mind that Albatross membership is an option - it is not mandatory. The opportunity to enroll in premium membership (at 4.95€ a month) is the chance to expand upon the options that we all are enjoying every month for free. You do not have to enroll, and you can keep using all key functions for free.

One of the best parts of InterNations is the idea that we are a community. With this idea in mind, please feel free to post your questions regarding Albatross membership, and we'll use this forum as a way to explain and clarify any confusion that might be out there.

Thanks! And lastly, the weather is beautiful, so go outside, enjoy, and have a wonderful weekend!

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