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Famine in Somalia (Rome)

Dear Friends

First of all, it is very nice that we meet sometime in the gathering some where in Sweet Roma, and gathering of the last time at the Café Secret was very nice.

I want to attract your attention to a problem related to Humanity. As every single individual has to play a role in this world, the role of individuals collectively result in to behavior of the Humanity as a whole.

Since many days, I am reading in News paper, watch in televisions and spoke with many friends and colleagues from the UN and from Diplomatic Circles about the famine in the Somalia. They need, I think, their fellow-human beings, they need to be hugged in this time of pain by their family members—as humanity as a whole is one mega-family, they need the helping hands of the Co-inhabitants of the Earth.

I was thinking to share with you all members, friends, all Ambassador of the Inter-Nations and all other fellow members and friends that it would be nice and very humanistic to arrange something for the Fund-raising to help the famine victims in Somalia, or what can we do as a group of Inter-Nations, in order to fulfill our role as an individual and group among the whole behaviors of the Humanity.

I hope you all will stand by me.


Afsar Khan

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