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Get together Pizza on 24th September (Rome)

Thanks a lot for the wonderful evening yesterday
I hope that you all had fun. It will take some time to become more confident to each other. I saw the initial embarrassing moments. Indeed we were all new to each other but then it turned out a really nice evening, and my impression was that we broke the ice. Yesterday was only the beginning and only one of a lot of nice gatherings which will follow in the future. Also because i want to have time to speak with everybody a little while. Such a pity that the time was to short yesterday.
We are so lucky that we have people sharing our difficulties when living abroad. I hope that this meetings will contribute to make all of us feel less alone and to have support in the daily life.
I'm available for all of you for any suggestions and help you may need. I would also appreciate to have your ideas for future meetings. Lets do a nice brainstorming on what can we do in the future to make this community become a reference group for all of us.


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