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Hello InterNations friends, I am Angel from Mexico. I just joined InterNations in the past two weeks and I love this community. In Rome, I am part of the advance team for Up with People (Viva la Gente in Italian) and I am helping to organize our international tour that is coming to Rome in about a week. We are a group of Protected content olds who travel the world with the mission of bringing the world together through music and service. We stay with local host families, do volunteer work and perform a show in every city that we visit during our semester-long travel. Here below is more information about our organization. I hope you take some time to read and pass it along to your friends and contacts in Rome who might want to host an international student from Nov. 30 through Dec. 9
The picture attached is our digital flyer for Facebook posts.

About Viva la Gente

Viva la Gente is a unique, non-profit global education, community service, leadership and performing arts program that takes students from around the globe on a 6-month, multi-continent, tour. During the 6-month tour, about Protected content from 20 different countries will travel to a new destination each week, living with local host families for a true cultural immersion experience. Members will spend a few days each week working with local community members on various volunteer and service projects. In addition, they will be a part of a live, high energy, family friendly, show featuring songs and dances from around the world and eras music from the 60s to today and Viva la Gente originals.

Hosting A Viva la Gente Participant

Viva la Gente has a special cast of Protected content representing 20 different countries arriving in Rome on November 30 to participate in volunteer projects, live with local host families and perform an international show. Host families are needed to house this special cast during their visit. Get involved in this incredible opportunity by hosting one or more of our cast members! Hosting is fairly simple and includes providing the following from November 30 – December 9:

· Protected content place to sleep

· Protected content and dinner

· Protected content atmosphere to share cultures and customs

As a thank you, all host families will receive 4 complimentary tickets to the Viva la Gente Show on Saturday, December 5th at 9:00 pm at Auditorium Parco della Musica. This visit celebrates Viva la Gente’s 50th anniversary and we are closing our Protected content tour in Rome thanks to the help of Caritas, the City of Rome and the Vatican.

Friends interested in bringing the world into their home can contact me at Protected content at Protected content . If anyone would like more information about hosting please visit Protected content

Link to website

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Program Overview: Protected content

Show Overview: Protected content

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