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Italian language is low (Rome)

I'd like some adviceguidance before my return to Rome.
There are a few things I think I should much to bring with me and what? Can't afford movers...just suitcases!

I do not have CC's so everything I do will have to be in cash...I will need to find a roommate be fore I come or go to a hostel.

Any advice on what would be the easiest way for me to get started and on my feet is appreciated.

One of my concerns is that, I speak little Italiano...when I was there last I was picking up pretty good. I still know some words and a few phrases. It's really difficult to keep up when out of the country.

I wish to return so bad...Rome is where I want to make home. I'm wondering if there are any jobs available that would hire someone whose italian is low? I have lots of different employment experience and a variation of skills as a result.

It's the language that will hold me back if anything....

Also finding an expat or someone to share a flat with. I remember when I was there I spent quite a bit on rent.

Ideally...I'd like to do hotel reception or customer service, something in that field.

So I guess the biggest issue would be having a roof over my head for awhile while I find work? Let me know if you have ideas advice etc....

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