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Looking for that Pizza al Taglio (Rome)

My project during this lockdown has been to find the pizza place in Rome that remains the best I ever had. I have now spent days on Google earth walking the streets of Rome looking to recognize it. I've tried googling all pizza places in that area, I've tried trip advisor, I've tried hypnosis to jog my memory but alas, no. So I'm turning to you. The intel I will give you is sketchy and so somethings may not be exactly how it happened but I'm working on a memory that is 12 years old and could be tied to other Rome adventures. So, here goes. I walked from the Colosseum to the Bocca de Verita, from there I walked past the Circo Massimo to the baths of Caracalla. I wanted to go down to the catacombs and headed in that direction to quickly realise I would not have time to fit them in before meeting friends around San Paolo for dinner. So I veered off the path and passed some amazing villas with walled gardens that turned into a normal residential area. I have no idea how long I walked, and it could well have been in a circle as my sense of direction is terrible and my map cut off after the baths (apparently tourists don't go further). I came to a clearing and and saw on the right a large area of grass with some trees (probably in a triangle shape). There were a few picnic benches and a large group of people milling around the small doorway of a take out pizza place. There were no other shops or restaurants around (may have changed now), so I was curious as to what made this place so special that it would bring people to a relatively quiet area of the city. I crossed over the grass and took a number from the small booth outside and waited like everyone else. In the 40 minutes wait there was nothing else to do but sit, or walk up and down, so nothing else to see. I did enter the very small long pizza place which had a counter on the right spanning the entire length, behind it to the left was a doorway where the pizzas were being made and brought out. They only had 3 pizzas on show at a time, which changed, except for the margarita. I watched mouthwatering large square pizzas arrive and numbers called, pizzas slices weighed and sold and I mentally decided I would opt for the procuito and possibly the pepperoni. When my number finally came up I was horrified to be faced with broccoli or chips (I mean who puts chips on a pizza - I thought). But I was hungry and wasn't sure if I forgo the choice I'd have to go back to the end of the queue. So I bought a slice of both and went to sit on the picnic bench to eat the slices from a paper plate. OMG I couldn't believe how delicious they both were. Absolutely amazing, totally off the planet with flavor and balance (I'm a chef), texture and crunch. I have no idea why I didn't take a reminder of the place except I acknowledged that it was so far off the beaten trek I couldn't imagine I'd come back. Now all I want to do is go back. I'll break my gluten free diet for this and suffer the consequences. Please if you have any idea where this place might be or any pointers on how to find it I will send you a picture of me there eating a slice of the chip pizza or whatever I get my hands on. All I know that it was somewhere on my way to San Paolo, off the beaten trek. I don't think I walked on any main roads, or if I did it was not for long.

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