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Moving to Rome with Spouse

Hello all! I am moving to Rome from the U.S. in a couple months for school for one year (maybe more). My courses start in early September. My school is providing me with documentation and health insurance for my visa. However, I want to bring my husband with me. Any advice on the best way to get him a visa?

Our best idea so far was to enroll my husband in an intensive Italian language school (needs to be at least 20 hours a week) so that he can also travel on a student visa. My questions for the community are:

1. What are some of the best (and least expensive) Italian Language schools that you would recommend in Rome? Are they reputable enough to provide sufficient documentation to process a U.S. Student Visa?

2. Since he will need international insurance, what companies have you found to provide the coverage required at a decent price?

3. Any other creative ideas to get a visa for a spouse as a student?

Thanks for your input!

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