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opera lovers (Rome)

The ecstasy and the agony--more the first. Opera filmed lived from the Met of New York comes to Barberini cinema, starting on tuesday evening! JOYOUS. It costs 12 or 15 euro (I forget). there are 6 in the season plus one LIVE FROM LA SCALA, the opening of La Scala. I went last year to the magnificent Les Troyen and there were 16 people in the audience! How sad. Italian operas fill up the cinema. this year, we have three Russian operas (by Borodin, Tchaikovski and Shostokovich)!! We have The Nose, which was staged last year at Teatro del'Opera, and many others. Don't miss it. It is aesthetic paradise. I feel guilty saying that, unless you pay for great seats, the filming is almost better than going live. Ah, and then there is Jonas Kaufman playing Young Werther. TO DIE FOR. See you there!

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