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Pat O'Neill SoloShow -Monitor Gallery Opening (Rome)

September Protected content O'NEILL SOLO SHOW
h. 7. Protected content pm
MONITOR Gallery Rome - Via Sforza Cesarini, Protected content Vittorio area).
The Monitor Opening:
Widely regarded as one of the pioneers and iconic figures of experimental American film, since the early Protected content Pat O’Neill’s research has embraced a broad spectrum of media, from sculpture to collage, drawing and photography.
His works are currently featured in a number of prominent public collections such as the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles, the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive in Berkeley, the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, the Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh, the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York.
In Protected content founded the Lookout Mountain film production company devoted primarily to special effects. Over several decades of career a filmmaker he has perfected editing, composition and optic printing techniques that stand as turning points in film history.
Although his films sit uncomfortably within any predefined category, several of O’Neill’s productions completed between Protected content Protected content ranked by critics as classics, pioneering special effects that came to be commonly used in the modern film industry much later on. These include Runs Good Protected content , Down Wind Protected content , Saugus Series Protected content , Let's Make a Sandwich Protected content , Water and Power Protected content , Trouble in the Image, Protected content The Decay of Fiction Protected content .
O’Neill’s video work is known as much for its unique technical craftsmanship as for its innovation, together with a distinctive visual and visionary elegance. A constant stream of images combines echoes of present and past, everyday culture and the Los Angeles landscape feature strongly – particularly its suburban and rural areas – for an overall effect that is utterly bewitching.
Through his use of inversion, superimposed footage and layering with figures in movement over several backgrounds and seemingly arbitrary fragments of narrative text, O’Neill pushes the limits and contradictions of technology in image communication to the extreme.
O'Neill’s first experiments with the sculpture medium also date from the early Protected content , with surreal assemblages of wood and metal inspired by erotic shapes. He later introduced glass fibre and Plexiglas to these extravagantly allusive forms – horns or undulating outlines wrapped in fur. Egg on Floor Protected content Black and White Protected content well the importance O’Neill attaches to his research into form and materials. This is apparent also in the rare body of works that will be presented at the gallery which, although motionless, emanate the same density of content and energy as his films. The gallery will in fact be presenting the sculptures alongside O’Neill’s videos, creating a suspended – almost trance-like – atmosphere that is the hallmark of this great American artist.
---Until October 22nd

Biography: Pat O'Neill Born Protected content Los Angeles, CA, lives and works in LA. Solo shows: Protected content O'Neill, Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive, Berkeley, CA (forthcoming); Pat O'Neill, Monitor, Rome, Italy (forthcoming) Pat O'Neill, VeneKlasen/Werner, Berlin, Germany; Pat O'Neill, Quinta do Quetzal, Vidigueira, Portugal Protected content O'Neill, Mitchell-Innes & Nash, New York, NY Pat O'Neill, Cherry and Martin, Los Angeles, CA Protected content O’Neill: Horizontal Boundaries, Cherry and Martin, Los Angeles, CA Protected content Abstraction in Hollywood: The Work of Pat O'Neill, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Hollywood, CA Protected content Felsen Gallery, Santa Monica, CA Protected content Felsen Gallery, Santa Monica, CA Protected content O'Neill: Views From Lookout Mountain, curated by Julie Lazar, Santa Monica Museum of Art, Santa Monica, CA; traveling to Cornerhouse, Manchester, UK Protected content Luisotti, Santa Monica, CA. Protected content , Let's Make a Sandwich, LACE, Los Angeles, CA Protected content LA, Esther Robles Gallery, Los Angeles, CA NOW Technology in Art, Esther Robles Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
Group shows (selected): Protected content Proof: Jennifer West (Special Installation), Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh, PA Protected content and Extractions, Les Abattoirs / Frac Midi-Pyrénées, Toulouse, France Augment This (Meditations on the Image), Cherry and Martin, Los Angeles, CA Protected content As Symbol, curated by Survey West Collaborative, Fellows of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, CA Protected content 2 Films, De Cinema Experimental Dans Les Collections Cinedoc/Paris Films Coop, Centre Pompidou, Paris Exhibition at Screening Philadelphia, PA, featuring Horizontal Boundaries Protected content History: Highlighting Recent Acquisitions, Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, CA Crises de Films: 35th Anniversary of Cinema of the collections of Cinedoc/Paris Film Coop, Centre Pompidou, Paris Protected content du Sacré, Centre Pompidou, Paris; traveling to Haus der Kunst, Munich, Germany The Underground, Machine
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