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restraunt to avoid (Rome)

I was recently traveling in Roma as a tourist. I stayed one night (only because I could no longer stay in the charming B&B I originally booked) at a hotel just off Piazza Navona as it was recommended to me by a friend. I had no idea it was such a high tourist area and the vendors and merchants in the area really don't care about you at all! They have no interest in whether you have a good experience or bad. So I had a HORRIBLE experience at this restraunt. It was a Saturday night but we arrived early enough there was still seating. We waited an hour for our meal which was simply soup and a pasta dish... the Italian family sittting adjacent to us ordered the same dish a pasta with prawns and when it was served to them it looked delicious! However, 40 minutes later when our pasta finally arrived it was with only ....The heads of the PRAWNS! When I asked politely about this they pretended not to know what I was talking about and when I complained they ignored me completely. By far the worst dining experience I've had anywhere in my travels. It was a Saturday night and of course we were starving and every place around Piazza Navona was packed to the rafters so we stayed but we should not have... and I am telling you,,,if you are not Italian do not go to this place!

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